When I turned 30 I was 245 lbs, had soaring Cholesterol, and felt like crap. 


A turning point for me was when I played some flag football at the annual company picnic. It was only 10 plays before I went to the sideline and was throwing up. That's when I realized I had to make a change. But to what?

Running hurt, basketball was to much impact. I ended up in the gym and on a borrowed mountain bike from my boss. Both things stuck, but I fell in love with the speed, skill and competitive environment around cycling. It was inspiring to see how long into life you could go and still be highly capable on the bike. I realized cycling wasn't something I'd "missed the boat" on, but I could dig in and chase after any number of challenges. 

That was six years ago. Cycling has taken over my life by storm. I'm a co-owner in a local bike shop, founder of a cycling team, and have methodically made my way up through the USAC racing ranks in Road and Cyclocross to a Category 2 Level. As I continue to engage with cycling I love all that it has to offer from it's culture, the unique competitive edge it brings, and the endless challenges. 

When I started JoetoProCycling.com it was to purely document the journey I was on as someone completely out of shape and never having been into cycling (beyond hitting ramps as a kid) - fully engaging with the competitive side. Throwing out the mistakes, goof ups, wins, tips, books I was reading, etc to help and maybe pump up anyone else that thought making that kind of change was possible. 

As I've grown into the sport, and with my history in Sports Management, running sports camps, leagues, and Coaching High School Sports, I've decided to take JoetoPro to a much more hands-on level. I'm not only amping up what I share on the blog, but also providing Coaching and Personal Training to those looking to finally engage with a positive change to their health and weight.